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TBS Professional Services provides financial management advice on operational and financing structures based on its thorough understanding of costing and management accounting systems. This includes identifying appropriate operational and financing structures, determining funding requirements, providing documented financial analysis and business plans, and facilitating financing for projects.

Our transaction expertise and leadership in the field of valuation inspire confidence in the financial executives, boards of directors, special committees, investors, and business owners we serve. Our stability, integrity, technical leadership, and global capabilities make us a trusted advisor for our clients.

TBS Professional Services is equipped and experienced in carrying out major organisational   restructuring   and   turnaround   exercises. It   is   experienced   and knowledgeable in:

  Comprehensive due diligence and corporate performance audits
  Enterprise valuation for acquisition
  Logistics management for start-up companies
  Systems and process improvements, process design, process management and design of performance measurement systems;
  Human capital  management  issues,  recruitment  and  selection  systems, human resource management policies, job definitions and descriptions, performance appraisal and measurement, reward and remuneration pay structures and training
  Financial evaluation of proposals, financial requirements for turnaround project, financial impact analysis.

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