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Findings have highlighted that the impact of deeper control and quality management of payroll is significant to clients’ overall operations. TBS Professional Services has the means and strategic intention to and deliver payroll management services to clients. We are deeply committed to the payroll and related businesses and are growing it in the African region. Regardless of size or type of organisation we provide a single point of contact for company’s payroll services. Our payroll operations design needs to be repeatable, sustainable and continually beneficial to all stakeholders.

With our payroll management services, we provide immediate benefits in the following areas:

  • Printing of employee pay checks on time for payday
  • Direct deposit of pay into employee bank accounts, when desired
  • Appropriate calculation and withholding of federal, state, and local taxes
  • Calculation of payroll taxes to be paid by employer (such as PAYE, Pension contribution, NHF, etc)
  • Filing of quarterly and annual payroll reports
  • Depositing of withheld amounts with tax authorities
  • Printing and filing of year-end employee tax documents to obtain Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate (e-TCC)

We introduce process controls and a consistent auditable delivery model that provides businesses you with greater control over their payroll requirements. In partnership with our clients, we develop payroll procedures clearly identifying the areas of responsibility. The preparation of a schedule for your payroll based on key delivery dates and communication matrix will be provided as part of the implementation sign off process before going live. Clients who outsource their payroll function fully to TBS Professional Services are able to concentrate on their core business strategy whilst gaining true efficiency and genuine ‘bottom line’ benefits.

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