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People and values

Our people make the difference

It is very easy to describe the secret of TBS Professional Services success. It begins with our passion for making a profound difference. Our standard of performance is quality, customer focus and employee involvement. In our business, people make all the difference. We place dedicated professionals at your service who live and breathe the requirements of your business.

Our core values guide us as a company and guide the behaviour of the professionals who make up our workforce. We pride ourselves on our ability to recruit, motivate and retain the right people to help grow your business. Moreover, we have high retention of the best people because we are strong on promoting training and career development. Long retention and employee loyalty lead in turn to a high degree of specialist knowledge and skills.

Our people value is impressed on the fact that we learn from each other across our organization and we share best practices and methods to further benefit our clients. Our services system is adapted to the context of each sector, so that we always respect the preferences and characteristics of our clients.

The value we deliver

Our people  make us who we are today. And who we want to be tomorrow.

With a supportive leadership and a brilliant team who share a common goal, we share responsibility for career development with our employees and provide a wide range of resources to employees and managers to help them determine and meet development objectives.

TBS Professional Services adds value to clients’ businesses by supporting the creation of outstanding experiences, while reducing cost and helping to drive growth. We develop reliable and innovative solutions in teamwork with customers. We have the ability to listen and identify the underlying business needs. Creating experiences that deeply engage customers can be a powerful differentiator in any industry. And, at the end of the day, it is people that make the difference. Our employees possess knowledge and competences that are of crucial importance to the success of your business. Their performance and behaviour determine the trust our customers place in our company and solutions.

We deliver exceptional service in a cost-effective way. Our goal is always to make sure that our activities benefit our clients’ businesses. While we rely on advanced technology and efficient, adaptable processes to deliver our services, it is truly the quality of our workforce that makes the difference.

We are relentlessly working to drive operational efficiency in all areas, while at the same time improving customer experience. We are continuously investing in processes and tools that help our agents deliver better services with lower risk, higher consistency and greater efficiency.


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